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The age of kalyug will start from this house, 5000 years ago Lord Krishna himself said this thing!

Whenever sin begins to grow on earth and religion is harmed. God will then destroy these earthly evils. According to the Scriptures, there are four types of age. The first era was Satyug. Which is a symbol of truth and goodness. But as sin increased, the age of Kaliyug came to pass. The Kali Yuga is coming to a brutal human being over the remaining three eras. When sin doubles, every human being becomes an enemy to one another. Then Kaliyug would be counted. All the rest of the age will be the same as Kali Yuga and once again God will increase the Kali Yuga on this earth.

ક્યાં સમયે થશે કળીયુગ નો અંત? જાણો કેવું હશે પૃથ્વી પરનું મનુષ્ય જીવન…

In Lord Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna has said that Lord Vishnu has occasionally ended sin by taking Parashurama, sometimes Vamana, sometimes incarnation of Sri Ram. In this, when sin, immorality, greed, unrighteousness, cross the boundary of self, then Lord Vishnu will end the Kali Yuga by adopting the Kalki incarnation. Let us tell you that Lord Vishnu has taken many avatars from the age of satyag to the destruction of sin and will take a kalika avatar in the Kali Yuga. Everyone is sitting around waiting for the Kalki Avatar to see the end of this age.

According to the scriptures and myths, Lord Vishnu will end the Kali Yuga by assuming the Kalki incarnation and start a new era. That is why on the eighth day of the hearing, Lord Kalki will wear a voice. And Shravan Panchami will be celebrated in the name of Kalki Jayanti. It is written in the Puranas 5000 years ago that Lord Kalki would be born in the house of a Brahman named Vishnuyasha in place of Sambhal in Moradabad district. And riding a horse will destroy the wicked.

For your information, let us tell you that in the 24th verse of Skandha in Gita 12, it is said that Lord Kalki will be born when Jupiter, Venus and Moon are in one constellation and Pusha in constellation. That is, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu will be born. According to the scriptures, the period of Kali Yuga is 32 thousand years, and yet Kalyug is 5119 years, which means the end of Kalyug is far away.

Satyug was once called Paradise. But after this age, Insan slowly began to fall. Today, so much time has passed that man himself became the enemy of humankind. Greed and wrath have made Insan selfish. But when the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Kalki will be born in this world. Then the intelligence of Insan will return. All of this must be absolutely true. Because what is happening right now is becoming what is written in the scriptures.

In the holy book of Hinduism, Gita has written many things related to the world and the person. To whom Lord Vishnu had shown it. Lord Vishnu is the guardian of this world who runs the world. Lord Shankar has given him the responsibility to run it. Vishnuji has shown in some parts of the Gita how the beginning of the Kali Yuga and the end of the world will happen? When these changes come to an end in women, it is believed that the world will end because of women.

Ever since the day a son raised his hand over his father, Kaliyug is at his peak. In every house, there will be calamities and no one will be found and no one will be killed and people will kill themselves in their own homes.

In Kali Yuga, marriage will be just one of many concepts. Spouses will forget to respect each other. Sacred bonds like marriage will also become unholy.

The age of kalyug will start from this house, 5000 years ago Lord Krishna himself said this thing!

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In the age of Kali Yug, there will be no law or system, no one will fear anybody, everyone will assume the texture. The Kaliyug will reach its peak when it arrives. There will be famine and hunger pervading the country. People will begin to die of thirst and hunger, and when that happens, the boundary will be gone.

Vishnu said, "When a 7-year-old girl will give birth to a baby, understand that the deadly age has now come." The era may end sometime after that.

Lord Vishnu said that the beginning of the Kalyug would first be through the hair of a woman's head. The hair which is called a woman's makeup, in Kaliyug today these women will start cutting their hair. Vishnu said that when people start dyeing their hair, be it women or men. Everyone will start to color their natural color, no hair can appear black and long in Kali Yug.

In Kaliyug, girls will be utterly insecure, exploited in their own homes. People in her own home will commit adultery with her and the father and daughter siblings have no proper relationship.
The age of kalyug will start from this house, 5000 years ago Lord Krishna himself said this thing! The age of kalyug will start from this house, 5000 years ago Lord Krishna himself said this thing! Reviewed by UpdatesOjasGujarat on April 02, 2020 Rating: 5

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