PM Modi told sarpanches, now mapping of villages will be done by drone

This year the program has come under lockdown time period.

PM Modi told sarpanches, now mapping of villages will be done by drone

PM Modi told sarpanches, now mapping of villages will be done by drone

– Addressing the sarpanches, PM Modi said that today the government has provided broadband to more than one and a half lakh panchayats. Common service centers have been reached in the villages. Today, mobile has reached every village. – E-Gram Swaraj is a step towards digitization of all Gram Panchayats. This will increase transparency in gram panchayats and make it easier to keep records.

– Land dispute in the village can also be resolved with e-Gram Swaraj’s Swamitav Yojana. It will be used to map the land by drone. There will be many benefits from the ownership scheme.

Corona changes the way he works: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

– Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the way we all work has changed a lot. Earlier we used to do a program face to face. But today the same program has to be done through video conferencing. I welcome everyone who joins the program today.

During the interaction with the sarpanches, the Prime Minister said, “Go to all the sarpanch websites and find out about the winning sarpanches, why they were selected and try to follow their ideals.”

– The Prime Minister said that this epidemic on the one hand has given us new troubles and on the other hand has given us a new Sikh.

– PM Modi said that from the crisis of Koro we have learned from experience that now we have to become self-reliant. It becomes difficult to face such crises without becoming self-reliant.
– The Prime Minister further said that the crisis of Koro has shown that the people living in the villages of the country, meanwhile, have witnessed their own rites, the teaching of their own traditions. The updates that are coming from the village are also inspiring for the great scholars.


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