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Being a special US Army agent counter attack on mafia crime to carry out sabotage missions with modern weapons of explosive power. Your counter attack strategy against mafia and gangster’s powerful enemy lines of going beyond enemy borders to save innocent people will work. In this powerful and unique thriller FPS shooting game go beyond gangsters and mafia to eliminate them as you are equipped with modern and advanced weapons both assault guns and sniper rifles and having zero fail record.

You are a top rated elite shooter and front line assault killer destroy the territory of criminal mafia and their existence. Skydive into US Army Counter Attack: FPS Shooting Game, one of the top FPS shooting action games and mafia rescue simulator.

This front line fps shooting game is a thrilling summation of commando mission games and commando action war games. Being a top crew survival fps shooter of 2019 get ready for thrilling and sensational missions in this amazing modern fps offline counter attack. You will be embraced with unlimited action-packed challenging missions full of fun and entertainment.

US Army Counter Attack: FPS Shooting Game Features:
- FPS Shooter with advanced ammunition and weapons
- Challenging missions in war and thrilling locations
- Objective based action packed challenging missions
- Assault and Sniper shooting with classic as well as modern automatic weapons
- Variety of weaponry to shoot for brutal covert operations

Sky dive into this brutal FPS shooting game as a sniper elite killer and commando master 2019 for mission critical attacks in the commando survival battleground. Survive and eliminate mafia and gangsters in the critical commando strike with counter attack strategy in the top of offline FPS games and FPS 3D shooting games to be fury sniper top shooter in ww2 army battleground. With you best sniper shooter skills eliminate criminals along with their forts and territories.

It is the best shooting game of 2019 which will not only provide you the thrill of commando adventure shooting but also best sniper shooting 2019 as a super commando fps adventure assassin 3D. Eliminate strong villains being a best sniper shooter in top army action hero shooters in this killer fps game cream of elite shooting games and war games. Prove yourself as best commando shooter in the top of commando games and survival games.

Play US Army Counter Attack: FPS Shooting Game top of sniper games and commando games with modern weapons having explosive powers to save your country and land from mafia and gangsters.