Public distribution system: sarvajanik vitaran pranali: jaher vitran vyavastha 

Goods required for distribution under TPDS

Major commodities distributed include staple food grains, such as wheat, rice, sugar and essential fuels like kerosene, through a network of fair price shops (also known as ration shops) established in several states across the country. Food Corporation of India, a Government-owned corporation, procures and maintains the public distribution system (PDS) 

Targeted public distribution system (TPDS)

The State Government distributes wheat, rice, sugar, iodized salt, edible oil and kerosene at fixed prices to the ration card holders at reasonable prices. From 1st June to 1st June, Government of India has implemented targeted public distribution system. Under this arrangement, the importance of food security of poor families is further emphasized. Based on the census data of year 2, according to the survey of poverty line for the year 1-5, the Government of India has fixed the number of lakh families below the poverty line for the state of Gujarat. Accordingly, the Government of India gives the state of Gujarat a monthly allowance of 5 kg per poor family. Distribution of cereals (wheat / rice). The Government of India allocates wheat / rice annually to the poverty line borrowing (APL) family as per the grain target. Under this scheme, ration card holders are divided into three levels.

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