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Free Travel in State Road Transport Buses( GSRTC) for disable persons. (Director, Social Defence)
Purpose :

The State Government has implemented this scheme for the purpose of giving financial relief in the expenditure of bus travel by the Disable persons for medical treatment of the children, social work, for educational purpose and for other works. Through which they can travel free of cost in the GSRTC buses within the jurisdiction of Gujarat State.

Scheme of free traveling in the GSRTC buses for Disable
  • The Disable person should possess the Disable Identity Card,
  • Must have 40% or more handicapness 
  • To 100% blind persons,
  • To 100% Deaf persons.
  • The persons who have brilliance rate of 70% or below,
  • Permanent resident of Gujarat State is necessary. 
The relief available to the co-traveller of the Disable persons in GSRTC buses :
  • 50% relief is given to the co-traveller of a Disable person having 75% or more handicapness,
  • 100% relief to the co-traveller of a blind person.
  • 50% relief is given to the co-traveller of a mentally retarded person.
Regarding taking out of duplicate Disable Identity Card when lost or due for cancellation.
  • If the Disable Identity Card is lost, duplicate Card is issued on an application on plain paper.
  • Duplicate Card is issued on submission of the Card which is due for cancellation to the office.
  • Free Travelling Pass is issued, if the application is submitted with complete details to the District Social Security Officer.
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